Serene Yoga and Healing Meditation

Nourished Self:
A Yoga and Meditation Retreat

October 21 - 23, 2016

Well Being Conference Center
Tazewell, Tennessee


meditating figure

Everyone knows the benefits of an ongoing meditation practice; yet very few people actually succeed in making meditation an integral part of their life. The “Learn to Meditate” series is designed to empower individuals toward a daily meditation practice. This series makes meditation easy and accessible to all. Participants will learn and practice three different meditation techniques and how to set up a daily meditation practice. Students will receive instruction on how to sit comfortably for an easeful meditation experience.

This course will explore the benefits of meditation and its true goal and purpose and is geared toward beginning mediators or those who are looking to be re-inspired toward a daily meditation practice. Participants will walk away from this class with the tools necessary to start meditating regularly.

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