About Contemplative Practice Yoga®

Nourished Self:
A Yoga and Meditation Retreat

October 21 - 23, 2016

Well Being Conference Center
Tazewell, Tennessee

Contemplative Practice Yoga® is an integrative pratice. Each class or private session integrates all directions and all levels of movement: lying down, seated, standing, and in gentle motion both above and below your waist, and in your whole body from front to back, and side to side. In this way, you learn to move in ways that improve your balance and create ease in your body, as well as ways that alleviate accumulated physical tensions.

In addition to integrating levels and directions of movement, Contemplative Practice Yoga® creates "core tension release." Rather than "stretching" or "strengthening" muscles in the traditional sense, Contemplative Practice Yoga® specializes in releasing muscle tension.

We start with releasing muscle tension in your "core." This is the exact opposite of "core strengthening," a practice which actually creates more tension in the muscles in the core of your body. The practices of Contemplative Practice Yoga® focus on the release of tension in muscles that attach to your spine—both in the front and the back of your body and along your spine on each side.

Your strongest muscles are those that attach to the base of your spine. Tensions in these muscles pull your spine out of alignment—the root cause of much of our physical discomfort. Rather than creating counter tension in opposing muscles (which is how physical therapy and "core strengthening" exercises address back pain, for example), Contemplative Practice Yoga® releases the deep muscle tension throughout your body, starting with the muscles attached to your spine and carrying the release throughout your body.

Once you get this release you learn to move and use your body in ways that decrease overall physical tension, as well as overall mental fatigue, created in part by physical tension.

Release of the tensions in the core of your body creates a corresponding calm in your mind—you naturally enter into a state of greater mental ease and tranquility—hence the name Contemplative Practice Yoga®. In each class or therapy sesson you experience ways to take that release and ease with you in all that you do—both in physical and mental activity.

Contemplative Practice Yoga® teaches you to release the tensions in your body with integrated movement so that you learn how to prevent the tensions and their accompanying discomfort from returning while moving through life with confidence and steadily increasing ease.