“Core opening, body and spirit, it is amazingly peaceful. This yoga is deep and gentle”


“Serene’s practice suits her name, the practice is deep and restful." Lori Galbriath


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Serene Yoga and Healing
665 Emory Valley Road
Suite A
Oak Ridge, TN 37830


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Serene Yoga and Healing, Oak Ridge TN

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Serene Yoga and Healing offers yoga classes, holistic health coaching, and yoga therapy in two locations in Oak Ridge (East and West). Serene White is the owner of Serene Yoga and Healing and has been practicing and teaching yoga for 11 years.

Serene Yoga and Healing is committed to helping every student attain a deeper connection to their innermost Self, empowering each individual toward their own healing potential, self awareness, and personal growth through yoga and healing therapies.

Serene Yoga and Healing is dedicated to facilitating and guiding those seeking to nurture all aspects of themselves.


Serene Yoga and Healing specializes in "core opening" or "core release", which facilitates profound changes in the body.  With regular practice, core release can help end the pain cycle, promote healing, and bring about transformation on all levels.

Yoga Therapy

Serene Yoga and Healing offers yoga therapy to deepen spinal release and speed healing. Yoga therapy is based on the principles of core muscle release and assists healing on all levels.

Private Yoga Classes and Holistic Health Coaching

For those who prefer one-on-one attention or assistance, Serene Yoga and Healing offers private yoga classes and Holistic Health Coaching. These are scheduled at your convenience, at the yoga studio or at your home (for an additional fee).